A 420 friendly wedding in Aptos, California.

Ashlynne and Jackson were supposed to get married at the Global Eclipse – Patagonia Gathering. However, like many other weddings in 2020, plans changed. Instead, these two re-planned how they’d celebrate with a wedding closer to home. In only a few months Ashlynne and Jackson got everything figured out in time to have a meaningful union of love in the magical Redwoods at Sparrow Valley Retreat.

420 friendly weddingThey chose to host it at Sparrow Valley Retreat, tucked away in the Redwoods then invited only their closest friends and family to attend their intimate celebration in nature.

420 friendly weddingThe wedding attendees were all a part in setting up the tents, tables, decor, etc. Both Ashlynne and Jackson were coordinating set up and as they got ready. Not only that, they were both often seen with joints in hand. It was a 420 friendly wedding, their gifts to the guests included a cup containing a reusable glowstick, lighter, and joints with a note reading, “Thank you for jointing us.” While getting ready, Ashlynne had her bouquet modified to include some stems of a purple cannabis plant she grew specifically for her wedding day. 420 friendly wedding

Sarah brought her Penny & Co. Photobooth and was also in charge of leading all the attendees through a heart clearing ceremony.

Before entering the ceremony space, every guest was smudged with sage, and given a heart opening plant medicine elixir. 

420 Friendly wedding420 friendly weddingGuests sat among the Redwoods and covered up with blankets.

420 friendly weddingAshlynne’s mom officiated the ceremony for these two. Ashlynne and Jackson recited their vows, said “I do,” then proceed to celebrate their marriage. They ate their food accompanied by their closest loved ones. The evening was spent sharing speeches and stories, visiting the photobooth, laughing, dancing, smoking, the bride and groom even got on the dj deck and spun for their friends to vibe out and dance to. It was an amazing night with this group and I’m so thankful I had the honor of capturing Ashlynne and Jackson’s 420 friendly wedding in California at Sparrow Valley Retreat.

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420 friendly wedding

Kind Words

Words will never be enough to express my Gratitude. You are so incredible. Your Soul, a bright beacon of Love. Your Heart a Radiant Pulse of Divinity. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a camera aimed at me. Nicole, you made every single moment feel natural and authentic.
You allowed me to telepathically connect with you, and for that, I am Infinitely Grateful. I would think “I wish Nicole was here…” and you would appear, as if you could teleport (maybe you can!)
I love you girl, I can not ever thank you enough, for being such a H U G E part of our Wedding.” -Ashlynne