Aaron Proposes to Isabella |Petoskey Bayfront Breakwater

After a winter of traveling, I had just booked my flight home from Japan. That’s when Aaron reached out to me about his proposal to Isabella in Northern Michigan. It worked out perfectly, to plan his surprise the weekend I get home. A few weeks of communication and we decided on the Petoskey Bayfront Breakwater Lighthouse.

Petoskey Breakwall Lighthouse

He made a reservation at Spring and Porter and then drove to the Lighthouse once they had finished their dinner. The location, the Petoskey Bayfront Breakwater Lighthouse, was picturesque and added a touch of magic to the occasion. Despite the forecast predicting rain, the universe smiled upon us and granted us a beautiful spring day for the proposal.

My excitement grew. With other visitors milling about, I discreetly positioned myself, ready to capture the raw and genuine emotions of the moment. I was able to bring my mom to have a cover for hanging out on the pier, camera’s tucked away under my jacket but ready to go. When Aaron gave the cue, I seamlessly captured his proposal on the pier. Isabella was shocked and excited to say, “yes.”

Petoskey Proposal photographer

Vibrant sunsets like this always come on days that we question the radar

While breezy by the lighthouse, and dropping temps into the evening, this was such a perfect sunset adventure to kick off my 2024 season home in Michigan. Petoskey Bayfront Park PhotographPetoskey Bayfront Breakwall