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Who's Behind The Camera?

Old Mission Peninsula cherry blossoms

My name is Nicole, and to me, photography is life.

I didn’t get into photography to make a living, in fact, for the longest time I figured that wasn’t possible. However, it is while I am shooting that I’m the most present with the moment. I don’t think about anything else besides what I am trying to document, and adjusting my settings to show exactly what my eyes see. All I’ve ever wanted to do is capture my perspective of the world, then share those images out of pure joy. I’ve always had a passion to tell a story without uttering a single word.

With a camera in my hand, I  feel that I communicate much better than I ever could with my words, it’s where I am my most confident self.

Nicole Geri Photography

Nicole holding camera in nautre

It started back when I'd photograph my siblings on disposable film cameras.

Those $5 disposable cameras would then cost me another $7 to develop at the store. With a more advanced film camera in high school, I learned my camera's settings and developed my own photos in a darkroom. When my uncle let me use my first digital camera at 16, I was doing photoshoots with all my friends and family. My senior year I started charging very inexpensive rates and made just enough to buy my own camera and a good lens. That was when photography was only a hobby, but I still feel that spark of joy it brings to my life.

It's been 10 years since I first picked up a digital camera and I haven't set it down since.

Fast forward to now

Professionally, I’ve found my niche in third-wheeling it with couples; weddings, elopements, engagements… Really, anything involving love. I also work with seniors and LOVE when I can get creative with portraits, plus I occasionally take on commercial work but only if I like the brand.

Even in the off-season, I keep myself busy by capturing my travels to share online, playing with new editing techniques, learning more from workshops, figuring out how I can do more for my clients, and doing everything I can to keep this passion of mine a business that sustains me. With my camera in my hand, I am my most confident self, and it fills my soul to be able to photograph every unique person I interact with.


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