Rath, Phil, and I met up for our engagement shoot on the Las Vegas strip a on a warm winter day.

Rath wanted to surprise her husband (yes husband) with an engagement shoot on their weekend trip to Vegas. The only preparation she gave, was for Phil to get a new suit, and she was elegantly dressed in a white dress. They were even able to leave their 2 kids back home for this trip in Las Vegas. Among their many other plans over the weekend, she made time to squeeze in this fun shoot with me. With Rath, and Phil being from Canada, and myself being from Michigan, we were thankful for the warm desert sun that blessed us this day.

Rath and Phil did things a little backwards, having their engagement photos taken 12 years after their wedding.

However, even after 18 years of being together, they were just as giddy as a new couple, and everyone on the strip was congratulating, honking, and cheering for them. The whole shoot they were playful with each other, giggling and having a great time. Rath even remarked to me at one point, “I hope you have a relationship where you are as happy as we are,” and my heart just melted.