It was pouring with lighting the morning of Hannah and Colin’s Nauti-Cat elopement.

Watching the weather radar it looked like there would be a break from the aggressive thunder and rain with partly cloudy skies for our 5pm Nauti-Cat cruise. Thankfully when I showed up to begin shooting, the rain let up and gave us incredibly picturesque clouds. It was just the weather I had hoped for as a photographer. I captured photos from the shore while we waited for everyone to board the boat. Hannah and her dad were last, as they walked down the dock to the boat as if it were an isle for their ceremony. Hannah and Colin said their vows, kissed for the first time, and we started our cruise out in the Grand Traverse Bay.

Nauti-Cat Elopement


The rest of the time on board, Hannah and Colin enjoyed their closest family and friends’ company, lounged around the boat, and took plenty of beautiful photos with me. The sun peeked out from the clouds occasionally but most of the day our clouds gave me soft and diffused lighting, so taking beautiful photos was not a struggle at all.

Nauti-Cat Elopement


I knew our day couldn’t have gone any more perfect when we docked, did a mini photoshoot from shore, and got in our cars to leaven when the rain began to come down again. The universe was on our side, and

I’m so thankful for all the epic photographs I was able to capture during Hannah and Colin’s beautiful Nauti-Cat elopement.