A Black Star Farms proposal with Nate & Jess

Nate reached out to me a few weeks prior to his proposal with his idea on how to propose to his girlfriend, Jess. They did things out of order, having already booked Black Star Farms for their wedding on a whim while spending time at the winery doing tastings on a previous vacation. They both fell in love with the vineyards and knew it was where they wanted to hold their wedding. Black Star Farms was available for a date later in the year so they took it.

It was on this weekend that they had scheduled their tour of the venue. Nate told Jess that he had to work so he couldn’t make the drive up to check it out their already chosen venue; Black Star Farms. He was able to keep it a secret while he made the drive up Separately. Nate had planned his surprise proposal. Jess, with her parents, were brought to their future ceremony site by the winery’s guide while Nate was waiting there to propose. Jess the vehicle her family was touring the winery grounds in. She approached Nate, who got down on one knee to ask her an important question.

Black Star Farms Proposal

Jess said yes to a future together with Nate.


Nate + Jess | A Black Star Farms Proposal