Bohemian Beach | Monica + Sutton’s Engagement Session

Monica and Sutton’s love for each other was evident from the moment we began our session at Bohemian Beach. They laughed, played, and shared tender moments, and it was an absolute joy to capture their candid interactions as we explore the Lake Michigan shoreline for sunset.

Bohemian BeachBohemian Beach is the local’s loved Lake Michigan access point. The towering sand dunes, dense forests, and crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan with a soft sandy shore. Monica and Sutton fully embraced the location, allowing themselves to be completely immersed in Michigan’s natural wonder. Strolling along the shoreline, sitting atop the dunes, or sharing a sweet kiss in the tall grass, their love story unfolded against within Michigan’s scenery.

Bohemian Beach


The strong winds added to the dynamic energy of the session. The couple and I had fun playing in the freshwater waves.  I especially love when Monica’s hair flying in the breeze and Sutton wrapping her in a loving embrace. It was a reminder that the most beautiful moments can arise from the unexpected. Like the winds that played a role in their pure Michigan session.Bohemian Beach Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes

As a photographer, it was an honor to be a part of this dreamy sunset session, and I can’t wait to capture the next chapter of their love story with their upcoming wedding.