How to change your last name after the wedding

Now that the wedding is over, cake is gone, and flowers are wilting, you’re officially married to the love of your life! Although, the marriage certificate may be signed, that doesn’t mean you’re all done with the paperwork, that’s only the beginning of it if you’re taking his last name.

You’ll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate, one with a raised seal, so after the first license is mailed, hold on to that second copy. You’ll need to present your marriage license frequently to prove you were legally married.

  • First, you’ll need to change your social security card. You can fill out this application online then mail it in your local Social Security Office. This could take up to 10 days for you to receive your new Social Security Card back in the mail. You can also go into a local branch and do this in person. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents they require.
  • Now that you have your Social Security Card, you’ll take that with your marriage certificate, and current license to the Secretary of State for an updated license with your new last name. This needs to be done in person; you’ll need to take a new photo and pay the renewal fee for a new license with your update name. 
  • Once you have your new license, you can go to your bank with this new information to update the name on your accounts, and cards. This is a good time to request checks with your new last name too. Credit cards should be updated soon after. Some credit card companies let you call or change this info online, others may request additional info from you or require you to visit a branch.

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Don’t wait until you plan an international trip to update your passport. Unless you’re planning a honeymoon immediately after the wedding, in that case book your tickets with your maiden name since the tickets have to match your current ID. Then update that info as soon as you get home.

  • Last but not least, you’ll need to contact quite a few places to update your information. After you’ve completed the last few steps, you’ll have everything you need to tie up all the loose ends.

Change your last name

-Any utility companies
-Landlord or mortgage company
-Insurance companies (auto, home, life)
-Primary doctors’ offices
-Voter registration
-Investment account providers
-Anything else you can think of

Changing your last name is a massive undertaking. It’s better to tackle this task as soon as you can instead of dwelling on it. It’s not so bad when you know what to do.

I hope this guides you through the experience seamlessly.

Congrats on your transition from Miss to Mrs. (*Insert New Last Name*)

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