Michael wanted to propose to his girlfriend Taylor while they were visiting Northern Michigan. It worked in perfectly with their wine tour on Old Mission Peninsula, although the weather had different plans. With heavy rain in the morning, we had to postpone the proposal. Thankfully only a few hours later, the clouds were still moody but the rain was done for the night.

Chateau Chantal Proposal photographerMichael and Taylor enjoyed their weekend exploring Traverse City, but Taylor had no clue that a photographer was waiting to capture her proposal at Chateau Chantal. My favorite remark when we were chatting during our mini-engagement session was that Taylor joked saying Michael wasted this great opportunity to propose as their trip came closer to the end. She knew about the ring, but not when the act would happen. They laugh now that it all came together.


Michael did propose to Taylor at Chateau Chantal, and I got to photograph the special occasion.