Cody reached out to me for his spring proposal at Chateau Chantal.

Chateau Chantal is one of my favorite wineries for proposals. With it being early in spring, this was my first proposal at this winery for the year, and I know there will be plenty more to come. It’s a great way to catch your partner off-guard while casually enjoying your wine tour, but ending with your proposal and a bottle of wine to remember the occasion.

The weather had us on edge up until I arrived to the vineyard when the sky let up on it’s drizzling. I pushed for this to be outside, instead of Chateau Chantal’s rain plan. It was beautiful outside, with moody clouds, and the lake in view over the horizon. Brooklyn was so surprised when Cody proposed, she couldn’t help but smile and laugh in disbelief. With my camera’s silent shutter Brooklyn didn’t even know I was there. That is, until I announced my presence after they had their moment. Then we went for a little mini-engagement session around the vineyard. These two were still giddy from a couple of glasses of wine and the proposal. I couldn’t be happier with how their photos from this spring proposal at Chateau Chantal turned out.