An Autumn Wedding at Cherry Basket Farm

What started as a dreamy outdoor celebration turned into a cozy and intimate wedding at Cherry Basket Farm. The day was filled with the warmth of love that outshone even the gloomiest clouds.

Cherry Basket Farm Wedding

While many couples might have been disheartened by the weather, these two lovebirds embraced the unexpected, turning a potential challenge into a unique and memorable experience.With a quick change of plans, the ceremony was moved inside a charming wooded barn. The rustic setting, complete with twinkle lights, gave the space an enchanting and intimate feel.

Cherry Basket Farm, Omena Wedding

As Alice and Bryan exchanged their vows, tears flowed freely—tears of joy and emotion from both the couple and their guests. The rain outside only served to enhance the intimate atmosphere, making the ceremony a truly moving experience for everyone present.

Cherry Basket Farm indoor weddingGuests were treated to a feast of locally sourced, fresh food from Island Thyme Catering, elevating the celebration with flavors that celebrated the season. The rustic barn setting, adorned with twinkling lights, provided the perfect backdrop for a meal that was both delicious and heartfelt.

Cherry Basket Farm WeddingBlessings in Every Drop: Ending with Rainbows

The rain persisted throughout most of the day, but just when it seemed like the weather had cast a perpetual gray hue, nature surprised everyone. Around sunset, the rain finally took a break, and for a magical 20 minutes, the sky transformed into a canvas of colors. An epic rainbow emerged, stretching across the horizon like a celestial blessing. It was a moment of awe and wonder, a fitting end to a day filled with unexpected beauty.

Cherry Basket Farm rainy weddingAlice and Bryan’s autumn wedding, with its unexpected twists and turns, will be remembered not just for the rain but for the love that radiated within the walls of the barn. As they danced the night away under the twinkle lights, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, it was clear that their love was as enduring as the rainbows that graced the sky—strong, vibrant, and filled with the promise of a beautiful future together.Cherry Basket Farm

Cherry Basket Farm

"Nicole is not only a fantastic photographer, but a genuinely awesome person. She went above and beyond for my husband and I's wedding and gave us such spectacular photos (we and our families can't even pick favorites because there are so many great shots)! After having to make a last minute switch to an indoor wedding due to rain, we were a little bummed that we might not get any photos with the the early fall views, but Nicole grabbed us just in the knick of time and got photos of us under actual RAINBOWS during a break in the rain! It was such a magical moment and she did everything she could to get us amazing shots both inside and out. We couldn't be any happier - I can't recommend her enough!" - Alice