It’s either sunrise or sunset that I prefer to schedule my sessions at for the best lighting. Claire and Matt decided to go with a sunrise session for their engagement session out on Old Mission Peninsula. I’m not a morning person unless I have to be. When the color is as epic as this, it makes setting the morning alarm totally worth it.

We woke up at 5am to meet at Chateau Chantal by 6:15 and were able to catch the sun peeking over the horizon at 6:28am. You wouldn’t have even known it was this early if I didn’t say so. These two were incredibly chipper and ready to explore. They said they wanted to do something different that their friends and go with a different photographer. I felt honored to get creative with the two of them. We ran around in the vineyards, wandered through nearby wildflower fields, then drove just down the road to a trail that led out to a private beach. Although, I took a wrong path at first, Claire and Matt didn’t mind as we enjoyed our time talking while we walked through nature. When we stumbled out to the water it was the icing on the cake for our beautiful session to end on Old Mission Peninsula.


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