Cocoa Beach Engagement Photographer

I was getting absolutely sloshed by the ocean waves as I held my footing in the sand for these photos. I went as deep as I could without getting my cameras wet. Although, the splashes still sent droplets of water flying. Anyone who has worked with me knows, my cameras are used and abused. I’ll do anything to capture timeless photos of my couples in action. It was so much fun to capture these photos for my friends Katy and Ray. With a love for surfing, it was fitting that their session featured them enjoying a sunset out in the water together.

Cocoa Beach Engagement photographer

At sunset we ran down to Cocoa Beach, surfboards waxed up and ready to go. The sky evolved through the ever changing clouds, from a golden glow, to pink, and ultimately fading into blue hour. Our session went quick, mainly because we were giggling uncontrollably as we ran around the beach and played in the wavy waters. I couldn’t resist going in farther than I originally anticipated, resulting in completely wet pants, and the following epic photos to show for our adventure.

Cocoa Beach surf photographer

"Nicole Geri created MAGIC ahh! These photos came out AMAZING. It was so fun to shoot these, especially being so comfortable with a good friend. We went paddle boarding this day, got hangry and ate at The Green Room, spilt some coffee running around during the photoshoot and ended it with playing pool and sitting around catching up. Making new memories ❤️ can't wait to see you again Nicole 💗"