I just returned home after a 6 week road trip in Australia. While I enjoyed my trip thoroughly, I was anxious to get creative again in the U.S. When Berkley D Photography announced she wanted to put on a styled shoot, I was all on board.

A handful of photographers drove from Las Vegas to Pahrump.

Meeting up at Berkley’s house, we were half way there, then we carpooled the rest of the way in to Death Valley. The sky was perfect as the sun was beginning to sink and cast golden tones on the sandy landscape. It was noticeably warmer here at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, than it was in Las Vegas. That ensured an easy shoot as we were comfortable in the desert winter. I know back in Michigan it’s snowy and cold, so I’m always extra appreciative to be out shooting. Here in Death Valley, Kylie and Austin were barefoot and without jackets.

The bride and groom were snuggly and cute with each other as if no one was looking.

Except, there was a group of us photographers who were calling out adjustments and poses. Styled shoots are fun because they push me to get more creative, expose me to different shooting habits, and inevitably introduce me to other people I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It was a great experience seeing how each of our shooting styles varied. We were all pushed to see things a little different than usual, and I loved that!
The elopement was dreamy as we captured the ending of our day with a beautiful sunset, and styled couple that was head over heels in love with each other.