Desert Elopement Photographer

Austin and Brittany had the most elaborate yet simple desert elopement I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. The two of them enjoyed an intimate ceremony with a magical half moon alter and florals at sunset. They shared a dinner over a beautiful table set up featuring desert florals, set up in front of a Joshua Tree. Even though this was a ceremony just for them, they still did a cake cutting. They were pleased to share pieces from an elaborate half moon buttercream wedding cake. It was just as yummy as it looked. To end the night, Austin popped the champagne, and the rest is a blur. Even when the wind this day proved to be difficult at times, this desert elopement in Landers, California ended up just as beautiful as you’d imagine.

desert Elopement photographer Champagne popTake a look at this epic desert elopement at sunset.

Joshua Tree Elopement


All-Inclusive Elopement Day Storytelling


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