Jarred wanted to surprise Miranda with photos of the two of them with an engagement session at Hickory Hills.

He told her to dress up for a nice date but she didn’t know she was going to be having professional photos taken until the day before our shoot. That gave her enough time to go pick out new outfits and prepare for our day. She was stoked. We met up for our engagement session at Hickory Hills. There was a field and trail I wanted to take them too. This one location was very diverse. I had an eye on this field, originally for the red sorrel that covered the ground, but now there were even more beautiful wildflowers and shrubs to get creative with too. It wasn’t a long walk and we had already taken plenty of photos. We ended the night by hiking to the top of Hickory Hills to catch the last of the day’s life with a view of the Grand Traverse Bay. This hilltop location is significant to Miranda and Jarred, as they’ve shared lots of dates here. Here’s a peek at what we captured on our adventure together.

Engagement Session at Hickory Hills