Esch Road Beach Engagement Session

Rachel and Eric’s engagement session began at the crack of dawn. Meeting at 6 AM allowed us to take full advantage of the breathtaking sunrise over Lake Michigan. The soft hues of pink and orange painting the sky were exactly what I had hoped for. The gentle, warm light of sunrise offered an enchanting atmosphere, which made for stunning photographs that truly encapsulated their love for Esch Road Beach. They shared many memories on this shoreline throughout their relationship.

Esch Road Beach EngagementOne of the many advantages of an early morning engagement session is the exclusivity it offers. With the beach virtually to ourselves, Rachel and Eric could share moments of love, laughter, and connection without any distractions. This solitude allowed me to capture genuine emotions and the intimacy of their relationship.

Esch Road BeachOne of the elements we photographers cherish is ideal weather conditions. On that particular morning, the wind was calm, and the conditions were perfect. No unpredictable gusts or disturbances to worry about, allowing us to focus solely on the couple and their love story. The even lighting until the sun came above the trees made it easier to create captivating images.

Esch Road Beach Engagement SessionOne of the most heartwarming aspects of this engagement session was knowing that I will have the honor of photographing Rachel and Eric’s wedding next year. Capturing their love story during this early morning engagement session was like a sneak peek into their future as a married couple. The anticipation of their upcoming wedding keeps me exited, to again document my friends Rachel and Eric.