Glen Arbor Beach Proposal

Love stories documented by Nicole Geri Photography often begin in the most picturesque settings. That’s exactly what happened when Alex decided to propose to Megan on the shores of Glen Arbor Beach. Against the backdrop of Lake Michigan, their special day was filled with love, anticipation, and a memorable dinner at Blu. From elegant dishes to impeccable service, Blu provided the perfect prelude to an unforgettable evening.

Glen Arbor ProposalAs the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the waters of Lake Michigan, Alex led Megan to the shores. The peaceful sound of waves crashing on the beach provided the perfect soundtrack to this romantic moment. With the stars beginning to twinkle in the clear night sky, Alex got down on one knee and asked the most important question of his life.

“Will you marry me, Megan?”

She was surprised yet didn’t hesitate to say yes.