Harbor Springs Proposal Photographer.

Cullen really wanted to throw Brianna off of the idea that he was going to propose to her in Harbor Springs. He had her convinced that he wouldn’t be proposing for at least another year from now.

Harbor Springs proposal photographer

I arrived early to scout the location and was worried with the rain coming down. I had my fingers crossed for it to pass but noticed rainbows were beginning to form through the bits of sun that was streaming through between rain. As the rain let up to a gently fall, Cullen had a plan that would take Brianna completely by surprise. Little did she know that he had been meticulously planning this moment for months.

Harbor Springs Proposal PhotographerWhen they walked up to the beach, I was hiding in the bushes with my eyes on them. When Cullen first dropped to his knees, he presented Brianna with a pair of earrings. She laughed until he grabbed another object, offering her a ring this time. She was in shock. Her reaction was a solid 5 minutes of jumping up and down and proclaiming this isn’t real. She was so happy to say, “yes,” to spending the rest of her life with Cullen.

Harbor Springs Photographer

Harbor Springs Proposal Photographer