Joe reached out to me with an idea, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend while they were on vacation in Northern Michigan. I helped him choose an epic location, and coordinate his dream proposal. We communicated and came together on a plan. We plotted and I had Joe take Rachel for a sunset walk to one of my favorite places with an epic view. It was quite a surprise to Rachel when Joe got down on one knee the at the end of their hike, to ask for Rachel’s hand in marriage. She was ecstatic and of course, said yes. She also hadn’t noticed me hiding in the bushes, waiting to capture this special moment, but was thankful what I introduced myself then took them on a short adventure for their mini engagement session. Our sunset was perfect, and I couldn’t be happier with our night. I left them here to enjoy the beautiful descending sun and soak in everything that just happened. I couldn’t wait to edit and share this special moment as well.