Tyler and Kelsey, like most couples with a 2020 wedding, had to change their plans. This is wedding 2/3 for them. They got all the official stuff out of the way with a courthouse wedding back home. Kelsey and Tyler then visited their favorite place to camp, Lake Michigan at Manistee Campgrounds. It was here that they had their own ceremony on a beach dune overlooking Lake Michigan on the day they would have had their wedding.

They read their vows and then letters from family and friends back home with only their pup, Indy and I in attendance. I couldn’t have had a more incredible time with the two of them while they read the most heartfelt letters full of love, advice, funny stories, and support. It was a beautiful day for this intimate elopement. Thankfully, it was also warm enough for a post ceremony swim too. I had am amazing time with Tyler and Kelsey’s Manistee elopement, but I can’t wait for their postponed “traditional” wedding next year. 💕

Manistee Elopement Photographer

Tyler and Kelsey's Manistee Elopement