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"Nicole is a phenomenal photographer! We loved her personality and the effort she put in at our engagement shoot. This girl was RUNNING to keep up with us on horses! She’s extremely talented and fun. We are more than excited to have our wedding photographed by her, and all the special moments and occasions in our future!" - Aubrey M.

I can’t wait to photograph Aubrey and Brandon’s wedding in Lake Ann next spring.

Before that happens, we set up an engagement session on their property in Lake Ann for save-the-date photos. It was mentioned when Aubrey and I talked on the phone that Brandon would love if the horses were involved. Especially since they didn’t know, logistically, if they would be included in the wedding. I was elated with this idea. Their engagement session would be the best opportunity to bring the horses for a ride. That’s just what we planned to do.

100% I was down to capture Aubrey and Brandon’s sunset horseback ride.

lake ann engagement photographerThe weather was moderately comfortable for a fall day in Northern Michigan. They brought their horses for a casual ride around the property, and I was happy to chase them by foot into the sunset. While the horses wanted to munch on grass, we had to keep them focused for these beautiful photos. Still, the horses would often manage to get mouthfuls of plants. Our adventure through the fields as the sun set was like something out of a dream, and honestly could not have gone any better.

To end our night, Aubrey and Brandon grabbed the classic Little Playmate cooler filled with a few cold Coors from the truck. The two of them went for a short hike, then plopped down somewhere comfortable for the remaining sunset light. They cheers their beers and laughed, reflecting on the fun we had at our session. We enjoyed our evening until the crisp draft of night approaching kicked in and we had to say our goodbyes. Although I love knowing that I will see them again next year.

Lake ann photographerI loved capturing these two authentically for their engagement session in Lake Ann and I can’t wait to be their wedding photographer on this same property next year.


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