Lake Michigan Engagement: Sharyn and Said’s Rainy Day Proposal

Planning a proposal can be a nerve-wracking experience, but sometimes, the best moments come from the unexpected. Said had spent weeks organizing the perfect sunset proposal for Sharyn on the serene shores of Lake Michigan. Even though the weather had other plans, their engagement turned into a day they’ll never forget.

Lake Michigan EngagementThe Perfect Start

After enjoying a cozy dinner, Sharyn and Said returned to their charming Airbnb overlooking Lake Michigan. They made their way down to the beach, where a beautifully arranged picnic by TC Picnic Co awaited them. The setup was picture-perfect, promising a romantic evening by the water.

Lake Michigan EngagementA Twist in the Weather

Northern Michigan’s weather can be unpredictable, and as they arrived at their picnic spot, the skies began to darken. Rain started to fall, but instead of dampening their spirits, it added a magical twist to their evening. With laughter and joy, Sharyn and Said embraced the rain, their smiles as radiant as ever.

Tc Picnic CoLake michigan lakeshore engagement session

The Big Moment

As the rain began to pick back up, Said knelt down on one knee and asked Sharyn to marry him. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Sharyn’s answer was a resounding yes! The couple’s happiness was visible, their love shining brighter than the overcast skies.

Northern Lake michigan engagement session
Embracing the Rain

What could have been a simple sunset proposal turned into a romantic evening dancing, and playing. We ran around in the rain, capturing candid moments filled with pure joy. Sharyn and Said didn’t let the weather stop them from celebrating their love. By the end of our session, we were all drenched, but the fun didn’t stop there. We dried off briefly before heading back out, this time ending up in the water, making the most of every moment outside.

Lake michigan engagement


Lake michigan Blue hourA Warm Ending

Thanks to Said’s quick thinking, I borrowed some swim trunks for the latter part of our session, allowing us to fully enjoy the water without hesitation. Meanwhile, my original clothes were ready in the dryer for me after our wet session on the Lake Michigan lakeshore. This thoughtful gesture added a comforting end to our adventure, especially as I already had a wet pair of pants in my car from a similar session scenario early that day.

Unforgettable Memories

This Lake Michigan engagement was a testing with weather, but the couple really embraced life’s unpredictability. Sharyn and Said’s love story is filled with spontaneity, joy, and a shared willingness to dive into adventure—literally and figuratively. I can only imagine all that they will experience together with smiles on their faces in marriage.

Thanks to TCPicnicCo for setting up the perfect scene and swiftly packing up in the rain.

Whether it’s the laughter, the rain, or the love, this day will remain etched in our hearts as a quintessentially Northern Michigan moment.

Lake michigan proposal couple engagement sessionCapturing Your Lake Michigan Engagement

Are you planning your own Lake Michigan engagement? Whether it’s a sunset proposal or an adventurous day by the water, I’d love to capture your story.

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