Michael planned to propose to Emma during their sunrise adventure out to Lake Michigan. As a barista, he made a cold brew to bring out, along with some morning snacks for him and Emma to enjoy while the sun would rise over the lake.

Lake michigan sunrise proposalAt 6 am, they hiked down to Lake Michigan before the sun had even risen, although there was already and orange glow coming in over the lake. I told him to propose at 6:30 on the dot, since actual sunrise would be at 6:34. That gave us an even glow for the photos before the morning sun flares.

After they had already parked at the Sleeping Bear Point Trailhead and began to walk in, I was intentionally only a few minutes behind them. An empty parking lot kept Emma’s guard down about the plan. Once I quickly walked down to the lake, I easily spotted Michael and Emma on the beach. Michael gave the cue that he was about to propose by taking a selfie. It was in that moment that he went down on one knee. I booked it to get closer to them on the lake for their photos. It was another successful morning where neither of them knew I was there until after the moment had passed.


I introduced myself, Michael poured me a coffee and we explored the dunes in the epic sunrise lighting for the following photos. 

I couldn’t have asked for a more fun and happy couple for this sunrise proposal on Lake Michigan.