Paige is a great friend of mine who’s always a blast to shoot with.

On this day we explored the Las Vegas strip, capturing fun and creative shots everywhere we could. She had packed a backpack with some different outfits for our shoot in the city. I often suggest this to anyone wanting to make one shoot look like multiple. All it takes is an outfit change to completely change the vibe of our shoot. From the rooftops, to the casinos, nothing was off limits to us. Although, we were told we can’t be shooting in some places, that didn’t discourage us. We were encouraged to be quick and find a new place. Once the sun was setting, we decided on a change of scenery for blue hour. We went to the art’s district, downtown Las Vegas to see what else we could push ourselves to capture  here. One thing is for certain though, we had a lot of fun getting creative and pushing our limits even after the sun went down. It was fun testing my camera at night too.