Mackinac Island Engagement Photographer

Mackinac Island, with its horse-drawn carriages and Victorian-era architecture, provides an idyllic backdrop for sessions. The island’s timeless charm and serene ambiance make it a top choice for couples seeking an engagement photoshoot with a touch of old-world romance. As Dennis and Emelia discovered, there’s no shortage of magical spots for capturing your love story on this iconic island. Within walking distance in our 90 minute session we made time for some iconic locations.

Mackinac island engagement photographer

  1. The Grand Hotel: The Grand Hotel, a Mackinac Island landmark, boasts a magnificent porch offering sweeping views of Lake Huron. This historic site made for a stunning setting to capture Dennis and Emelia’s love. The iconic white structure, surrounded by colorful gardens, created a timeless backdrop for their engagement photos.
  2. The Secret Garden: Mackinac Island is famous for its lush, hidden gardens, and Dennis and Emelia’s engagement photographer couldn’t resist the charm of the Secret Garden. This secluded oasis, filled with vibrant flora and winding paths, allowed the couple to create intimate and enchanting moments.
  3. Lake Huron Beach: No visit to Mackinac Island would be complete without a trip to Lake Huron’s beautiful shores. As the day progressed, the couple ventured down to the beach, where the golden sun kissed the waves, casting a warm, romantic glow over the scene. The resulting photos beautifully captured the essence of their love amidst this natural wonder.

Mackinac Island engagement photographer