Mackinac Island Family Photography

Nestled in Lake Huron, Mackinac Island is only a 16-22 minute ferry away from Mackinaw City. This charming slice of paradise in the heart of Michigan, is known for its idyllic landscapes, colorful flowers, and a sense of tranquility that draws families from far and wide. With horses, bikes, and your own two feet as the only means of transportation. Family photography on Mackinac Island is perfect as I feel time slows down. Also, I can’t help it, the Island’s floral display is a favorite site of mine. From Mission Point Resort to the Grand Hotel, vibrant flower beds adorn every corner. The combination of the rich soil and the island’s unique climate creates an environment where flowers of all kinds flourish.

Mackinac Island Family Photography

The soft, golden light of the morning sun cast a warm and inviting glow for our family session on the island. Perfectly timed on a warm summer day. Island explorations are always so dreamy, but it was especially fun to explore and capture the Calandre family.

Mission Point Resort Family photographer We intentionally planned our family session in the early morning when the island is at its most serene. I took the first ferry of the day to the island, and made my way to Mission Point. Seeing out morning light made me excited to document this Mackinac island family session. We made good use of our time in wandering around the resort grounds, and captured many treasured memories.

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