Mackinac Island has a charm that is unmatched by anywhere else I have ever photographed in the world.

Its no wonder people are seeking Mackinac Island photographers for their summer vacation up north. This one-of-a-kind island is between Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas. You can easily access Mackinac Island by a ferry. This island banned all motorized vehicles in 1898; the only form of transportation is by foot, pedal bikes, or horse-drawn carriages. Although, I have heard there is also an ambulance but have never seen it.

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Mackinac Island is where my mom would vacation with my siblings and I. Being only a 90 minute drive from where I went to school, it’s where I did a couple school trips too. Even after all these years, I still love this old victorian island sitting in nature. I’m not the only one who is attracted to Mackinac Island’s charm. Mackinac Island gets busy, especially in the summer when the weather is nice. Tourists, and photographers come to experience its remarkable beauty.

Traverse City photographerBefore considering hiring any Mackinac Island photographers, make sure you already have your accommodation booked.

While you can often find vacancy on a whim, occasionally island events cause hotels to fill up quickly. Personally, I have a friend who rents house boats out of the Mackinac Island State Harbor. I love the experience of waking up on the water and being so centrally location. Feel free to ask for info about the house boats when you inquire and I’d be happy to send over info.

Plan for Mackinac Island’s weather. The ferry ride to and from the island can often be windy and cold so bring a sweater for this portion of the journey. If you are not staying over night pack what you can carry (you have to carry all your belongings). Being on the island, Mackinac can be unpredictable. It could be sunny when you get there, then windy and rainy soon after. Make sure you watch the weather and pack for the elements.

Mackinac Island PhotographerMackinac Island Proposal PhotographerThe Grand Hotel has a dinner dress code, keep that in mind if you plan at dining in the building that was built in 1887. Men must wear suits and women in dine dresses or slacks. If you don’t plan on spending an evening in the Grand Hotel, you are fine to wear casual wear anywhere else on the island.

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Plan for a lot of walking, or biking while on Mackinac Island.

There are even carriages that will take your luggage from the ferry dock to your designated hotel for a small fee. You will have access to rent bikes on the island, the one downside is having a time limit so you can’t do evening explorations. However, you are welcome to bring your own bike for a fee. You may find it more cost effective to bring your own bike rather than renting. It costs $17/hour or upwards of $100 a day to rent. This forces you to plan your route to accommodate for the time restraint. You may also rent horses for riding, or book a horse-drawn carriage but that’s a more leisurely experience.

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Find out if you need a permit to be in any locations you plan to use. There are parts of the island that are private property so it’s best to respect the locals by being mindful of anywhere that may be off limits.

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