Mackinac Island Proposal Photographer

When Zach reached out to me about his plans to visit Mackinac Island and propose to his girlfriend Alyssa, I was all in. So we talked about his vision and expectations, set up a time, and planned for a sunset adventure after Alyssa and Zach finished their dinner at The Woods restaurant. The plan was to enjoy a quick mea, and propose after dinner. However, Alyssa ordered a lot of appetizers and Zach had to act like he didn’t feel well so they could leave without finishing their food. She wondered what was wrong, around the corner and down a secluded trail it all made sense.

Mackinac Island Proposal photographerZach popped the question and Alyssa happily said yes. We walked 2 miles together, laughing and sharing the bigger picture and all the planning that went into this day while capturing photos of their time on the surprisingly not-so-busy island.