Mari Vineyards proposal Zach Surprises Bria in the Wine Caves

While I’ve documented many proposals, never a proposal at Mari Vineyards. Plans of a beach proposal on Old Mission Peninsula were threatened by ominous rain clouds. Zach and I planned a romantic beach proposal for Bria, envisioning a picturesque setting on the Mission Point Lighthouse Beach. Mother Nature had other plans, though, as the forecast predicted rain on the day of the proposal. With 3 days of heavy rains leading up to their proposal and more called on this day, we knew we had to make a change. With quick thinking, adaptability, and the support of their closest family members, the couple turned an Michigan’s unpredictable weather pattern into a memorable and unique engagement story at Mari Vineyards.

Mari Vineyards proposal photographerA New Proposal Plan in Motion at Mari Vineyards

Zachary’s mom was in our loop, helping coordinate the plan. She booked a private tour of the tasting room, production facility, and wine caves. The private tour and tasting cost $75 per person so Zach’s mom covered the family. Coordinating with the winery staff, I paid the additional $300 photography fee for me to meet them on their tour to capture this moment in the Wine Cave.

I met the family in the production facility, acting as if I was taking photos for Mari Vineyards’ website. I was sly to asked to join the tour into the Wine Caves. Everyone in the tour knew except Bria, I had other intentions.

Mari Vineyards proposalAs they reached the designated spot, surrounded by the rich aroma of aging barrels and the soft glow of hanging lights, Zach took a deep breath. He knew once I stopped the couple for a photo here, to go down to his knee at my cue “got it”.Mari vineyards proposal photographer

The rain may have forced them indoors, but it couldn’t dampen the warmth and joy that filled the room as Zachary asked Bria the most important question of his life.

Their rainy day proposal turned out to be a unique and unforgettable experience, proving that sometimes the most magical moments happen when we least expect them. In the end, it all worked out, especially as the rain held off long enough for them to explore outdoors near the vineyards too. Mari vineyards proposal

Now that I have the game plan figured out with Mari Vineyards, I can’t wait to plan more unique proposals around this property.