Mission Point Resort Wedding | Kiara + Corbin’s Spring Celebration

There’s something magical about Mackinac Island in the spring. The freshly painted buildings, and planted gardens along with the Island bustling with life as the shops all open for a busy summer. Kiara and Corbin’s wedding at Mission Point Resort perfectly encapsulated this magic, blending the island’s natural beauty with the couple’s vibrant love story. Especially since we had capture their engagement photos here just last fall. Kiara and Corbin’s wedding was a tapestry of moody clouds, and vibrant florals. Despite the unpredictable spring weather, the freshly planted tulips added a burst of life and vibrancy to the landscape. Their rich hues provided a stunning contrast against the overcast sky.

A Ceremony to Remember

As guests gathered on the lawn overlooking Lake Huron, a cruise ship was seen in the distance, adding an unexpected yet exciting touch to the scene for their ceremony. The ceremony itself was held on the lawn, with the cruise ship serving as a picturesque backdrop. The cool breeze from the lake added a touch of drama, rustling through the tulips and the couple’s hair. Kiara and Corbin exchanged vows under an arch adorned with fresh flowers. Their words were filled with love and promises for their future together.

mission Point Resort Wedding

A Joyous Reception

Following the ceremony, the celebration moved indoors to the Mission Point Resort. The reception hall was transformed into a light and cheerful haven, a stark contrast to the moody outdoor setting. Chandelier lights twinkled above, casting a warm glow over the room, while guests reveled in the joyous atmosphere.

One of the highlights of the reception was the dancing. From the couple’s first dance to, the kids ramping up the party into lively group numbers. The dance floor was never empty. Laughter and music filled the air, creating a sense of community and shared happiness between Kiara and Corbin’s families.

Mission Point Resort WEdding

I love when my clients become friends

Kiara and Corbin’s wedding at Mission Point Resort was more than just an event; it was a celebration with friends. After capturing their engagement photos last fall, I already knew I was going to love capturing this day. Although their engagement photos were on a hot and sunny island day. The moody spring weather and the colorful tulips provided a perfect metaphor for marriage itself—full of contrasts and beauty, unexpected yet wonderfully perfect. Kiara is one of the few brides I’ve had look at such a dark day and remark on how much she loved it. I did too.

Mission Point Resort Wedding
Looking back on the photos, I’m reminded of the timeless magic of Mackinac Island. It was an honor to be part of Kiara and Corbin’s celebration, capturing the moments that will forever be etched in their hearts.

Mission Point Resort If you’re planning a wedding and looking for a venue that combines natural beauty with historic charm, Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island is an exceptional choice. And if you want those moments captured forever, I’m here to help you preserve every precious memory.

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