Ashley + Sean’s Mt. Charleston Engagement Session

Ashley and Sean had history at Mt. Charleston. Ashley taught Sean how to snowboard in this mountain just North of Las Vegas when they first started dating. It was fitting that we’d do a Mt. Charleston engagement session now. With their 2020 wedding postponed to this year and also taking place in Mt. Charleston, why not get some photos of just the two of them in a place where they already have memories. It was especially fun with all the snow that Las Vegas had been getting too. Our sunset was cloudy and colorful with plenty of sun flares. It was magic. I guess that’s what you get when there’s even more snow in the forecast. Ashley and Sean’s winter desert adventure proved to be incredibly photogenic. I couldn’t help but be thankful too, was blessed with the most playful, loving couple to get creative with at sunset.

Mt. Charleston Engagement


I mean, come on, these two were just so much fun. Originally this spot was supposed to be just a pull off for us to meet up at before going up and into Mount Charleston but it proved to be epic, with desert shrubs, snow, a hill that you climb up to for a 360 view of sunset and the snow capped mountains that surrounded us. I decided to do the entire shoot here.

A shot drive from Las Vegas, check out our Mt. Charleston engagement session below.