Northern Michigan Proposal Guide

If you’re planning to propose to the love of your life, I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to keep it a surprise, while still coordinating a “perfect” scenario AND a photographer for the act. I feel like I’m just as excited for this moment, and really love when the person being asked says, “I do.” Last year alone, I photographed a dozen Northern Michigan proposals. While it can be a lot of coordinating, I thrive off of the heightened energy from capturing this special event.

The most useful piece of advice I can give you for a well photographed proposal is this,
When you drop down to one knee, hold the pose. Say a few things, even slip the ring on while still down on one knee.
Holding your pose while proposing allows your photographer to move closer, zoom out and in, and ample opportunity to capture both of you and your lover’s expressions.

Downtown Traverse City proposal
Thankfully, everyone I photographed in this moment has been welcomed with a happy, “YES!”

Northern Michigan summer proposalWhile planning a Northern Michigan proposal with Nicole Geri Photography here’s what to expect:

First, you will need to determine where exactly to propose. You may know right away where this would be. If you don’t know where to go for your proposal, or you aren’t from Northern Michigan, I’m happy to help. I grew up exploring the woods up here and would love to share some more secluded locations. Let me know what you both enjoy so I can help you determine the most photogenic spot.

Northern Michigan Proposal Photographer

A phone call is an important step in planning your proposal. Every relationship is different with their proposal expectations, it’s important to share these with me as your photographer. Maybe she always dreamed of having a beach proposal, or you know her favorite wildflowers will be in bloom and want to propose in a field.  Some people know that a proposal is coming, while others may not have the slightest clue. You may have a Pinterest board of inspiration you’d like to share. For me, knowing where you are in this spectrum of planning helps me step in where I can as more than just your photographer.

From here on out, we will communicate in the a discrete method of your choice. Unless you have more details to fill me in on, we probably won’t chat much until the morning of your Northern Michigan proposal.

Lake Michigan Proposal

The day of your Northern Michigan proposal:

I’ll request a simple selfie of the two of you at any point earlier in the day. This photo will help me pinpoint exactly who I’m looking for. I try to arrive 20-30 minutes earlier than the time we agree to. This allows me to examine the location and get comfortable with the space. I can even stage anything in this time. I’d love to throw down a blanket, meet mom and escort her down to the hide with me at the proposal spot, play your favorite song after she agrees, etc. Feel free to request extra help if you need it from me, just keep in mind that I can’t do it all.

Traverse city summer proposal photographer

I offer a flower and champagne bundle. For an additional charge I pick up a photogenic bouquet of flowers from a local florist, along with a bottle of champagne of your choice + 2 champagne glasses.

Northern Michigan Proposal
Staged picnic set up for Northern Michigan proposal by The TC Picnic Co.

While waiting for you to arrive…

I may hide in a bush in an attempt to keep my role a complete secret until you announce me to your partner. If it’s a busier location, I can hide in plain sight with my cameras tucked hidden, I’ve master the disguise of “tourist.” At this point, we have established a cue for your proposal so I know when to move in.

My camera has this incredible ability to shoot in ‘silent mode’ for a discrete photography experience.

However, your partner could know a proposal is coming, especially if you are overdue on the question, and on a vacation in Northern Michigan. If keeping a secret isn’t a big deal, having me up close and alongside you for the act without being sly allows me to capture many diverse angles without restrictions. These are just a few scenarios, and they also influence how I’m able to capture your Northern Michigan proposal. How I act will be determined in our initial call.

Northern Michigan Proposal photographerUltimately, the perfect proposal is when the person being asked says, “yes”. Try not to get too caught up in the details while trying to plan this act. You hired me as your photographer but I’m also on your team so I’m happy to provide some extra help planning your perfect Northern Michigan elopement.Ols Mission Peninsula Proposal