Liz and Dominic’s Michigan spring engagement session in Downtown Traverse City was like something out of a movie.

Michigan spring engagemnent session open spaceI’m not a morning person unless I have to be, but I will most certainly get up for a sunrise. That’s just what we did. I woke up to a 4:30am alarm, then drove to meet Liz and Dominic at the open space, downtown Traverse City for their engagement session. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, the colors were so vibrant, we were quick to get out and shoot. Not only was it beautiful, there weren’t many people out yet either. This area gets pretty congested during the day with tourists, but we got to experience the beauty with quite a bit of solitude. That’s the joy of waking up before the rest of the world. Springtime in Michigan is my favorite so I really wanted to showcase all the various tree blossoms that were downtown. Pink, yellow, white, green; I love how Michigan Spring seems to appear overnight into these pops of color.Michigan spring engagement session

Northern Michigan Spring Engagement Session