Old Mission Peninsula Cherry Blossoms

This spring phenomenon on the Old Mission Peninsula covers every cherry tree in the orchards with delicate little blossoms.

Old Mission Peninsula cherry blossoms

Last spring, I was driving through M-37. This road takes you through Old Mission Peninsula. I keep an eye on the orchards every spring while I wait for the Old Mission Peninsula cherry blossoms to make their appearance. Sure enough, I was delighted to see they were in full bloom. I had been trying to capture the spring cherry blossoms on Old Mission Peninsula in previous years, but I always missed their short lifespan. I was with my sister at the time, so we pulled over and took photos of the Old Mission Peninsula cherry blossoms filling all the trees. I posted the above photo online, letting people know the days were limited until all the pedals would fall off but that I could set up a shoot within the next couple days.

A Portrait Session with the spring Cherry Blossoms

Thankfully, when I went back with Pajas for her photoshoot with the cherry blossoms, the trees still had flowers. However, they were already beginning to thin out just 2 days after I had first been there. Thankfully the blossoms were still abundant and even at different stages of blooming at the other orchards down the road. I’m sure you’ll agree, Traverse City’s famous cherry blossoms are beautiful.

This spring occurrence is one you don’t want to miss.