Old Mission Peninsula Proposal

Chad reached out to me just a couple weeks before his vacation with his long time girlfriend Emily. While they were visiting Northern Michigan, he really wanted to propose. I was happy to pick up a specific bottle on champagne, and a bouquet of flowers from Amy Kate Designs. I love gathering a couple extra things that make this act even more special.

Amy Kate Designs Proposal BouquetWe planned on Old Mission Peninsula for his proposal. Although, he wasn’t able to escape away for a final call to set a solid plan until the morning of his proposal. It was then that I shared the layout of Old Mission Peninsula’s lighthouse beach. I was going to be a tourist, hiding in plain site. I told them to walk around20 feet past me, put their things down, then take a selfie, that will be my cue that he’s about to propose. After the call, he shared his location with me so I could track him the hour before and would know when they were on their way.

Chad and Emily spent the day exploring Traverse City together. They planned to finish their day out on Old Mission Peninsula exploring, and they stopped at Chateau Chantal winery. With dinner reservations at The Boathouse at 8:45pm, leaving over an hour to spare, “they stopped at Old Mission Lighthouse for sunset.”

Old Mission Peninsula LighthouseI threw a towel down on the beach and waited, checking my phone to see how close Chad and Emily were. I knew when they parked, and when they were walking down the beach. They walked past me, I smiled at Chad, then they continued walking to find a nearby place to hangout. I darted into the woods to hide with them in my view. As Chad took the selfie, signaling that the proposal was about to come, I came out of the woods to move in closer but still out of view of them. It was then, a small dog chased me barking but was quickly called by the owners. I thought my cover was blown. Chad later told me he looked but couldn’t find me.

Emily said an enthused, “yes,” to Chad’s proposal. It was then that I said, “hi,” and gave her the flowers and bouquet too.

Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse beach