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Harbor Springs Proposal Photographer

Harbor Springs Proposal Photographer | Cullen Proposes to Brianna

September 22, 2023 / Session Stories

Harbor Springs Proposal Photographer. Cullen really wanted to throw Brianna off of the idea that he was going to propose to her in Harbor Springs. He had her convinced that he wouldn't be proposing f...

Petoskey state park

Petoskey State Park | Paul Proposes to Thalia on Lake Michigan

June 15, 2023 / Session Stories

Petoskey State Park is a beautiful place to propose, with its stunning views of Lake Michigan and dreamy sunsets. Paul wanted to propose to his girlfriend Thalia at the Petoskey State Park in Norther...

Michigan Proposal Photographer

Nathaniel Proposes to Delilah | Michigan Proposal Videographer

January 7, 2023 / Session Stories

Nathaniel made sure his proposal to Delilah would be extra special. He had thought of everything to make this day a special surprise. He made Delilah an appointment for a massage. This bought him a c...

Hotel Walloon Proposal photographer

Hotel Walloon Proposal Photographer | Paul Proposes to Chantal in Walloon Lake

September 20, 2022 / Session Stories

Hotel Walloon was the perfect location for Paul's proposal to Chantal while they were on vacation in Walloon Lake, Michigan. In this case, Paul came to me with the plan. He drew a map, put it in a bot...

Traverse city summer proposal

Traverse City Summer Proposal | Andrew Proposes to Savannah

August 24, 2022 / Session Stories

Andrew and Savannah's Traverse City summer proposal on Lake Michigan. Traverse City is the perfect location for a summer proposal, and I'd love to be the photographer there to document the occasion. ...

chateau chantal proposal photographer

Chateau Chantal Proposal Photographer | Michael Proposes to Taylor

August 10, 2022 / Session Stories

Chateau Chantal Proposal Photographer | Michael Proposes to Taylor After becoming comfortable with proposals at this winery, Nicole Geri Photography is now recommended as a Chateau Chantal proposal p...

Mackinac Island Proposal Photographer

Mackinac Island Proposal Photographer | Zachary Proposes to Alyssa

July 13, 2022 / Session Stories

Mackinac Island Proposal Photographer When Zach reached out to me about his plans to visit Mackinac Island and propose to his girlfriend Alyssa, I was all in. So we talked about his vision and expect...

Airbnb proposal in Michigan

Harsh Proposes to Pramathini in Their Airbnb | Paw Paw, Michigan

May 4, 2022 / Session Stories

Harsh planned to propose to his girlfriend, Pramathini. So he decided to do it when they went on vacation, staying at an Airbnb in Paw Paw, Michigan. He rented an Airbnb, and made a plan with his fri...

Traverse City Winter Proposal

Traverse City Winter Proposal | Andrew Proposes to Alexis on a Snowy Michigan Day

April 28, 2022 / Couples

Andrew and I coordinated for the perfect Traverse City winter proposal to his girlfriend Alexis. How fitting was it, it even snowed with a typical moody Michigan sky. While it was chilly and wind...

Mission Point Lighthouse Beach

Mission Point Lighthouse | Connor Proposes to Rikta

November 16, 2021 / Session Stories

Mission Point Lighthouse has an incredible shoreline with a beautiful beach for visitors to enjoy. Even on the busiest days at the lighthouse, you can find a private nook overlooking the Grand Traver...