As a Petoskey senior photographer, I was excited to explore with Jaycee for her portrait session.

While it was a cold autumn morning in Petoskey for a senior session, the vibrant fall color was in its peak. I had hoped the cloudy night would open up for an epic sunrise. When I arrived to where our session would start, the sky started to do just what I had anticipated. It was worth the sunrise session to have Petoskey to ourselves, even when we had to take breaks to warm up in our cars between photos.

We started down at the Petoskey break wall for the sun to rise over the lake, then walked over to the bridge, and finished with some photographs nearby in nature.

Petoskey Senior photographer in the autumnPetoskey Senior photographer at the bridge

Our morning was epic. However, our partly cloudy sky in due course went grey. Grey skies are idea for evenly diffused lighting, but as we were finishing up our last photos, the rain poured down, and ushered us into our cars with a quick goodbye.

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