Petoskey State Park is a beautiful place to propose, with its stunning views of Lake Michigan and dreamy sunsets.

Paul wanted to propose to his girlfriend Thalia at the Petoskey State Park in Northern Michigan. He knew that Thalia loved their vacations up North and especially the beach, so he planned a romantic getaway. When Paul called me, he already had the ring, a date, and a plan figured out. I helped make it an experience leading up to the most photogenic evening possible.

Petoskey state parkAs a proposal photographer, I already knew how important pre-planning the act at Petoskey State Park would be.

We had a couple phone calls to coordinate the official game plan. All Paul had to do was get Thalia dressed up and down to the beach for a sunset stroll. After their day of exploring Petoskey, complete with a nice dinner downtown, they made a stop at the Petoskey State Park. Already GPS tracking their location, I knew when they arrived, and began their walk along the shoreline into my sight. Paul had already sent me a selfie of what the two of them were wearing. Thalia’s green dress was unmistakably spotted from my hiding spot.

The sky was becoming ablaze with color, and the waves crashed gently on the shore. Thalia was searching the shore for Petoskey stones while Paul was trying to usher her down the beach to the location. I kept seeing her kneel down, giving me anxiety thinking it’s possibly Paul. They were still farther than I wanted them at this point.

Northern Michigan proposal photographerSure enough, they made it far enough down the beach that Paul was able to spot me. After his cue to me, a cell phone selfie, Paul pulled out the ring, got down on one knee and told Thalia how much he loved her. He said that he couldn’t imagine his life without her, and he asked her to marry him. Thalia was shocked in the best was possible. Her sheer excitement was a joy to capture.

Petoskey state park photographerPetoskey State Park Looking for a proposal photographer in Northern Michigan?

Paul and Thalia are going to cherish their engagement photos for years to come, and I’m confident that you will too.
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