Our session isn’t done when I put my camera away. I go home and spend a few more hours behind my computer importing, culling, editing, exporting, uploading, and delivering your finished photos in their full glory. Editing is equally as important as capturing the photographs. All of my photoshoots include basic photo retouching.

Basic Photo Retouching:

      • Exposure and color correction
      • Cropping
      • Blemish control

Sometimes my photos may need some extra love. Once I’ve done my basic photo editing, I choose up to 10 photos needing additional tweaks. For a typical session this may include removing background distractions, face or eye swaps, removing stray hair, clothing malfunctions, and sometimes more creative edits like sky replacements or image compilations.

When I deliver an album I feel that every image you will see is an image you will treasure. However, if you have any additional requests, I’m open to them. Up to 30 days from the day I deliver your gallery you may reach out for up to 5 additional edits. I want these images to be print worthy so if you see any little imperfections I’d love to remove them for you. Anything beyond 5 additional requests, or more extensive edits, I charge for the extra time it’ll take me in photoshop.

My editing is not exclusive to only my own sessions. I work well with other photographers on more extensive edits. Keep in mind, if you come to me with another photographer’s images, I need written permission from that photographer giving me the right to edit their work. Beyond “professional work”, I can do a face swap from two iPhone photos.

I enjoy the magic that can come from photo retouching. 

Extra Photoshop Editing:
$11 per photo

      • Sky replacements
      • Removing small background distractions
      • Wrinkles, creasing in clothing
      • Glare in eyeglasses
      • Wrinkle or cellulite removal
      • Body reshaping
      • Stray hair
      • Facial shine

Pro Photo Manipulations and Restorations:
$25 per photo

      • Merging of multiple photos
      • Face, eyes, body parts swapping
      • Add or remove people
      • Braces removal
      • Background removal, replacement, or extension
      • Restoring ripped, water damaged, or faded vintage prints from digital copies

If there is something you want done that is not on this list, reach out with photos and an explanation of what you want done. While I love a good challenge, I’ll be honest if your photo retouching request is beyond my ability.