Peter proposes to Ally on Mackinac Island

Peter reached out to me after seeing another proposal on Mackinac Island that I had captured. While he also wanted to travel to this destination to propose to his lover, he had a different plan. Between his vision, and my knowledge of the island, we were able to customize a proposal that felt unique to him and Ally.

Proposal on Mackinac IslandThey took the ferry to Mackinac with intentions of staying a weekend. Peter made sure there was enough time to check their bags into their hotel at 3pm, refresh, and go for a stroll in the town. Once we neared our 6pm proposal time, I could see as I GPS tracked Peter, they were heading to our spot. She was told the had a dinner reservation at 6:15. With some time to spare, he wanted to check out the Mackinac Island shoreline just West of the main downtown area. I hung out among a beach of others, while blending in, I was able to spot the pair. They strolled along the beach, then headed down the boardwalk for a better view. With both cameras tucked out of view, I followed trailing behind.

Proposal on Mackinac Island beachPeter gave me the cue with a cellphone selfie, then went down on one knee to propose to Ally. I captured the moment, introduced myself, then took them on a photo loop of the island. From the lakeshore overlooking the bridge, to the Grand Hotel ‘Secret Gardens’, we had a fun engagement adventure before their actual dinner reservation at 7:30pm.

Proposal on Mackinac Island




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Proposal on Mackinac Island

"My fiancé and I couldn't be more thrilled to have worked with Nicole. It was the best experience I have had hiring a photographer. Not only was she extremely kind, she is exceedingly talented. Our time with Nicole was fun, unique, and professional. Her work stood out to me during my search for a photographer. I also liked that she was from Michigan, and had experience where I was going to propose (Mackinac Island, MI) What I specifically appreciated the most about Nicole's work was the way she communicated with me throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth proposal. She took the hard work out of my hands, and we collaborated on a game plan. In fact, we had a plan A and B. Which put my mind at ease. Then, once on site, Nicole's warm personality immediately put my fiancé's mind at ease with how the shoot would go. After getting our preview photos, we couldn't have been happier with the way our photos turned out. Nicole truly captured it all! She also lended me a bandaid when my nice loafers were putting a blister on my heal -- this sealed the deal! In Summary, Nicole Was: A great communicator Fun & Engaging Very Professional I strongly recommend you choose Nicole Geri for your next project!" - Peter S.