I may be biased but I don’t think you can go wrong planning to elope in Northern Michigan.

I grew up playing in the woods, biking to nearby lakes, and foraging for wild berries that surrounded my childhood home. I’m incredibly fortunate to be born and raised as a Michigander. This beautiful state has taught me to value the outdoors with it’s unique seasons. I put together a little guide on choosing the best season for you if you’re trying to decide when the best time is to elope in the Great Lakes state I love to call my home.

Elope in Northern Michigan in the Spring


  • Delicate spring wildflowers and trees beginning to bud.
  • Less people booking spring dates in Northern Michigan.


  • May be cooler temperatures.
  • Depending on snow, some areas may not yet be open.
  • Trees usually bud sometime in May.

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Maximum average temp: 42 °F
Minimum average temp: 24 °F
Rainy days: 11 days
Maximum average temp: 56 °F
Minimum average temp: 35 °F
Rainy days: 12 days
Maximum average temp: 69 °F
Minimum average temp: 45 °F
Rainy days: 11 days

Forested Northern Michigan weddingElope in Northern Michigan in the Summer


  • The nicest weather you’ll get for the year as far as temperatures go.
  • Most hours of sunlight in the year.
  • Lush green trees, summer flowers, and warm lakes.


  • Busiest season for photographers.
  • Tourism is booming so private locations can be harder to find.
  • Vendor rates usually at a high.

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Max average temp: 78 °F
Min average temp: 55 °F
Rainy days: 10 days
Max average temp: 82 °F
Min average temp: 59 °F
Rainy days: 9 days
Max average temp: 80 °F
Min average temp: 57 °F
Rainy days: 10 days

Nauti-Cat Elopement in Northern Michigan

Elope in Northern Michigan in the Fall


  • All the colorful autumn foliage.


  • More likely to get clouds, wind or rain.

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Max average temp: 73 °F
Min average temp: 50 °F
Rainy days: 11 days
Max average temp: 60 °F
Min average temp: 39 °F
Rainy days: 11 days
Max average temp: 46 °F
Min average temp: 30 °F
Rainy days: 12 days

Elope in Northern MichiganElope in Northern Michigan in the Winter


  • Unique snowy landscapes
  • Off-season for eloping. Finding a photographer and vendors shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Cold
  • Least hours of sunlight for the year.
  • More overcast days = less chance of an epic sunset.
Max average temp: 33 °F
Min average temp: 19 °F
Snowy days: 11 days
Max average temp: 29 °F
Min average temp: 13 °F
Snowy days: 12.5 days
Max average temp: 32 °F
Min average temp: 14 °F
Snowy days: 10 days

Elope in Northern Michigan