I had an ambitious roadtrip mapped out from California to Florida but Chasing Sunsets’ content day kept me longer that I had originally planned to stay in Arizona. Sedona especially, is quite the place to adventure for a photographer. The red rocks, vast and wild landscape, with a town full of undeniably great vibes in Sedona keeps people intrigued.

When Britt and Alex announced this fun Sedona adventure session in February, I couldn’t resist a week of car camping and hiking the area until a week had passed leading up to this day. It also helped that the local studio, Sedona Hot Yoga offered a week long membership. Every thing that keeps my soul happy: adventure, hiking, concluding my trip in Sedona with a creative day hosted by Chasing Sunsets LLC.

Sedona Adventure photographerMeeting these two only confirmed what it seemed online, that Alec and Britt were a giddy, life-loving couple. It was a joy to get to know them, alongside 10 other photographers who traveled to participate in the event. It’s always appreciated, the friendships this content day cultivated, knowledge I gained, all while doing exactly what I love to do; photograph timeless and adventurous moments.


Sedona Adventure Photographer