Jenni and Mason hosted a ceremony in the nature of School Section Lake, then a held their reception in Serendipity Farms Wedding Barn.

I photographed Jenni and Mason’s engagement photos last year and fell in love with this couple immediately. They are fun and playful, and I captured some of my favorite photos during their engagement session that I still love to share. When they reached out to hire me as their wedding photographer for a celebration at Serendipity Farms, I was thrilled. Their wedding was just as spectacular as their engagement photos. They had a ceremony at Section School Lake, under the trees, overlooking the water. While rain was in the forecast, only some slight drizzling came through and we stayed dry for the ceremony.

School Lake Michigan

Jenni and Mason were very intentional about everything with their wedding. The had a painting of two loons (they love birds), that they circled with paint as their union. To finish their ceremony, they grabbed paddles that were part of their arch, and headed down to the lake for their canoe send off. Everyone cheered from shore, and I was paddled out by one of the groomsmen to chase them around the lake too. We did a little loop around the lake then docked at shore.

Mid michigan wedding photographerSerendipity Farms Wedding Barn

Their reception was not far from the ceremony location. A 20 minute drive was what it took to get to Serendipity Farms in Blanchard, Michigan. They gathered their friends and family to socialize, eat, and dance. Their evening flew by after dinner with lots of laughter and play. Everyone was happy to celebrate Jenni and Mason and congratulated them as the couple visited with everyone while the evening progressed.