It was insanely windy for this Sleeping Bear Dunes proposal.

No kidding, it was so wild, I wondered if these two would make it past the funnel of sand we had to fight to get through. It was intense filling my eyes, hair, and pockets with sand, not to mention, also coating my camera.  These two were troopers who got past it and down to the water. That was where Tim got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend Mackenzie. It was the last thing she expected after their adventure to get down to the water.

sleeping bear dunes proposal

Mackenzie said, “yes” to Tim. Despite the intense wind and having to shout to communicate over the white noise it created, we captured some fun photos down by Lake Michigan.

This Sleeping Bear Dunes proposal was nothing short of an adventure. My camera may not have been happy about the sand it was coated in, but I dusted that off and was pleased to edit the following photos.