What to Wear Style Guide for Couples

First of all, I want you to know that I never want to take away from your personal style.

My goal is to make sure you are confident and comfortable wearing the outfits you choose for our shoot. This what to wear style guide will assist you with choosing clothing that is flattering, fun to play with, and that ultimately represents you.

My first suggestion is always to bring multiple outfit choices. All it takes to refresh a location is a change of clothes. If we are doing a sunset to blue hour shoot, outfit changes can make our couple hours together look like completely different days.

the Venetian in Las Vegas

Travel light during our shoot.

It's best not to bring anything you wouldn't want in the photos. Don't bring purses or backpacks, and empty your pockets. I often have my camera bag and can hold some things. Usually I'll take your keys, phone, wallet and I can even hold some additional outfit changes, but I'd recommend leaving anything else in your car.

engagement shoot at valley of fire

Inspect and plan your outfits.

It's always good to try on your outfits before the shoot and inspect them in a full body mirror if you can. Add your accessories of choice: scarves, hats, necklaces, rings earrings, a kimono, etc.

dark and moody chicago engagement photographer

Don't dress matchy-matchy.

Complimenting color combinations are eye catching and fun. Think of a color palette with different shades that still go well together. Create a vibe together with your outfits.
-earthy greens, brown, and yellows
-red, black and grey
-grey, white, and black
-denim and tan
-dusty pink, white, and light blue

unique angle of couples shoes

Be aware that your shoes will be seen.

Flats, stylish boots, heels, wedges, or sandals are good options for women. Combat boots, clean sneakers, brough styles are good recommendations for men. If we are out in nature, maybe we can ditch our shoes completely but you should still bring footwear you wouldn't mind showing off in close ups.

Think of this like a really nice date you are going on and dress to impress!

colorado springs couple in nature laughing

I love bold colors!

Red, yellow, orange, and other rich colors or statement pieces can really pop against your background.

Traverse City engagement photographer

Think boho.

Dresses, long skirts, and anything flowy photograph really nicely. It adds another element of playfulness to the photos and gives you something to do with your hands. I recommend bringing at least one dress or skirt to your shoot among other outfits choices as well.

These are only guidelines, not rules. This what to wear style guide is only to help you show up to our shoot comfortable and confident. I want to see your personality shine! Wear your favorite band tee and ripped jeans if that defines you, hey, I get it! My goal is to capture both of you and your love authentically in my photos.