Mission Table Wedding | Sydney and Mark’s Summer Celebration

From the moment I arrived to document Sydney and Mark’s Mission Table wedding, I knew this couple was in love. Sydney was in the bridal suite on the second floor of Mission Table with her two best friends. Sydney’s besties were hyping her up, while helping her get ready. Mark was outside waiting, adjusting himself for his first look with his partner. The girls and I peeked through the window down at him, sharing our excitement with Sydney who was ready to see her lover dressed up for their wedding day.

Wedding First LookThe first look

As soon as Sydney walked up to Mark and tapped him on his shoulder, the love they have for each other was evident in the way they interacted with each other. They were laughing and hugging, excited for their ceremony. He was blown away, remarking on how beautiful Sydney looked in her sparkling princess dress.

We wandered the property of Mission Table for their couple’s photos. The goal was to capture their portraits before the ceremony. That way, the two could visit with their large family later. We were happy with today’s perfect weather. The towering trees provided shade on the lawn. A soft breeze blowing off of the Grand Traverse Bay cooled us from the hot summer sun.  The beach was exactly what we’d expected on a hot summer day. Although the sand was so hot, we were quick to put shoes back on after thinking barefoot was the way to go.

Mission Table summer wedding


I was only an hour into their wedding and we had already captured many beautiful photos. We loaded up into out cars then headed to the church where the family would be waiting for their ceremony.

Their Catholic roots led them to choose Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church for their ceremony.

Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church

In the love and support of their family, they joined hands and were led through their ceremony by their family priest. They said, “I do,” before visiting with their closest friends and family, then heading back to Mission Table for their reception.

Mission Table ReceptionApplause erupted as they arrived and made their way in for dinner. The couple shared sweet words with each other and their family. Another prayer was said, and everyone was welcome to eat their dinner family style.

Grand Traverse Bay Beach

"Nicole was AMAZING! She was organized, friendly, and willing to do whatever to get the perfect shot (even get in the water!) Her quality of photos is amazing, and she takes a lot of family photos too! I would recommend her to anyone, for any type of photo you need! She is fantastic!" - Sydney