After this session, I knew I would loved to be booked more as a Tahoe engagement photographer.

Erin and Chris booked me for their 2023 wedding in Michigan. Since Erin and Chris love to travel as much as I do, they coordinated with me for an adventurous session. They wanted to take some time off of work for a snowy adventure. They booked flights in October for a December vacation to ski, snowboard, and snowshoe in the mountains. I was happy to be their Tahoe engagement photographer.

Tahoe Engagement photographer

As the date got closer, we had to move out session a couple of times because of the winter weather advisories that were sweeping across the country.  It especially worked out since I had to drive up from Las Vegas. I was able to avoid most of the snowing until I got into Tonopah and was met with a white out. Thankfully, the road commission is on top of their plowing out here. The rest of my drive north was pretty smooth as the roads were salted and cleared.

Tahoe had gotten 6 feet of snow over the last few days. We had to choose a new trail to accommodate not being able to take some of the unplowed mountain roads. We chose Tahoe Rim Trail for their snowy engagement session. Erin and Chris rented the snowshoes and we got to the trail head to find that someone else had already blazed a path in the snow for us to follow. Although we were still hiking through snow that was past our knees. By the time we got to the top of the mountain we were sweating, That was not what I was expecting, I thought I would be cold. I had toe warmer in my boots, and hand warmers ready but found myself shedding layers by the top.

That didn’t last long though, my sweat began to freeze to my hair as the breeze picked up. While we were quick to take the photos, it didn’t take long before we were shivering and I was handing out all the hand warmers I brought. The photos were worth getting a little cold for.

Tahoe Engagement photographer | Tahoe Rim TrailBy the time we got down the mountain again, the sun had set and blue hour had set in. Erin and Chris invited me out to get sushi with them in Truckee. In case you didn’t know, sushi is one of my favorite things to eat. I happily agreed to spend dinner with them. When we got back to Northstar, we got a few with the twinkle lights throughout the village before dinner.

Tahoe engagement photographer at Northstar resort