A Magical Double TC Picnic Co Proposal at Moondance Flower Farm

TC Picnic Co Proposal

Courtney and Katelyn decided to create a day they would cherish forever. They envisioned a proposal that would be intimate, personal, and, most importantly, untraditional. They had both discussed plans but Courtney reached out to me about capturing their proposal. Courtney chose the serene setting of Moondance Flower Farm. She then enlisted the help of TC Picnic Co to make their dream proposal a reality.

The picnic was set, and the excitement hit me as the couple arrived at the farm at the break of dawn. The couple’s journey at Moondance Flower Farm began with a leisurely walk across the picturesque grounds. Meanwhile, I was hiding in a tree with a view of the picnic they’d soon discover. The flower farm’s vibrant blooms and lush surroundings provided the perfect backdrop. With every step they took, I could hear their laughter grow stronger. As the golden sunrise painted the sky, Courtney got down on one knee and asked the love of their life for her hand. Courtney’s heartfelt proposal was met with tears of joy and a resounding “Yes!” from Katelyn. This TC Picnic Co proposal was a real life fairytale.

TC Picnic Co Proposal

However, the magic didn’t stop there.

TC Picnic Co ProposalKatelyn, who had a surprise of her own, decided to seize the opportunity and proposed to Courtney. This proposal a beautiful double surprise! In an unconventional twist, Katelyn revealed her feelings with a ring she had hidden as well. The happiness on the couple’s faces were priceless. The spontaneous nature of their second proposal made the moment even more memorable.

Moondance Flower FarmThe entire session was filled with laughter and giddiness as the couple celebrated their unique love story. Their plan was a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to proposals. Love is about two individuals coming together and creating their own path. Courtney and Katelyn’s Moondance Flower Farm proposal perfectly showed the freedom we have to express this moment with our own twists.

This magical proposal was a blend of the beauty of nature, the serenity of sunrise, and the warmth of shared love. Their untraditional and fun approach to proposing to one another perfectly captured their unique bond.

TC Picnic Co ProposalI wish Courtney and Katelyn a lifetime filled with golden sunrises, untraditional love, and endless happiness. May their love story continue to inspire others to embrace their own uniqueness and celebrate love in all its beautiful forms. I’m stoked to capture Courtney and Katelyn’s wedding next year.