Tips For Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

A lot will happen very quickly on your wedding day, from the time I arrive to start shooting until I leave with my cards full. These tips for beautiful getting ready photos help you help me by creating a space I don’t have to work around distractions when capturing special moments. The easier you make it on me, the better I can do at capturing the day exactly as it plays out. You’ll probably see me cleaning, moving things, giving subtle directions for the most aesthetically pleasing photos, etc. However, I’m not going to miss a special moment because of a water bottle behind you. Thank god for Photoshop, but please don’t make me spend hours in the program when my perfectionism kicks in over things we could have removed before the photo was taken. Think about everything I’m going to photograph on your wedding day. This includes your environment, anything you wear, any accessories you bring, the people who surround you, and everything in between as the day progresses.

Here are some tips for you to help me capture the beautiful wedding photos of your dreams. Jordan Valley Barn room

5 tips for beautiful getting ready photos on your wedding day:

  1. Clean up the area you plan to get ready in. Keep it clear of water bottles, dirty dishes, make the bed if there is one, unplug random cords/hair tools, and try to keep down clutter from bags and other peoples belongings.
  2. Hang your wedding dress on a hanger you wouldn’t mind in photos. It doesn’t have to be on anything special, a simple white one will do.
  3. Keep your dress, shoes, bouquet, rings / accessories together so I can quickly gather them for photos.
  4. Make sure the makeup artist is dressed and ready to be photographed. If you decide to hire a close friend or someone who’s also in the wedding, give them a heads up, they are going to be just as photographed as you as you get ready.
  5. Have your nails painted; fingers, and toes. Try to polish or at least groom them a day or two before your wedding, instead of trying to quickly paint them the morning of your wedding. If you don’t want to paint them, have your nails well groomed, this applies to the guys too!

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These are only helpful tips, not rules. The day of, don’t stress what you can’t control. I’m going to capture beautiful getting ready photos no matter what so I don’t want you so consumed with the aesthetics that you don’t fully enjoy your wedding. Having you and your party on my side with cleaning is sincerely helpful when I look back and edit photos that don’t need additional photoshop.

tips for beautiful getting ready photos